Candide Docs


What is Candide?

Candide is a self-custodial Ethereum smart contract wallet.

What networks are supported on Candide?

Candide Beta is available on Goerli Test Network. We plan on launching on Optimism after our testnet deployment.


As a commitment towards the safety of our users, we want to be transparent about the changes and the status of the security audits of our smart contracts.
Candide relies on ERC-4337 global contracts, which codebase is completely open source by Infinitism, the collaboration between Nethermind, Opengsn and the Ethereum Foundation. ERC-4337 global contracts went through a complete secuirty audit on April 19, 2022. The audit was done by OpenZepplin. The full audit is available on Open Zepplin.
Candide also relies on Gnosis Safe contracts. Gnosis is one of the most trust platforms to manage digital assets. It is formally verified and adited. Candide smart contracts using Safe with ERC-4337 haven't been externally audited yet. The contracts are open source and aims to be security audited and a peer reviewed soon. Use at your own risk.