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This guide is intended for developers wishing to spin a local instance of Voltaire ERC-4337 Python bundler for handling UserOperations.

Voltaire is open source and can be found on


Voltaire requires Python3.11 or above well as some tools to compile its dependencies. On Ubuntu, the python3.11-dev & libpython3.11-dev package contains everything we need

apt-get install python3.11-dev
apt-get install libpython3.11-dev

Install Poetry

curl -sSL | python3 -

Install dependencies

poetry install

Make sure you are using the right python version

poetry env use python3.11

Install Docker

Follow the installation guide to install docker on ubunutu

Post docker installation

Follow the instruction for docker's post linux instalation

Start geth and deploy the EntryPoint

source scripts/

Run the bundler in a new terminal

poetry run python3 `cat entrypoints` --verbose

Test the bundler by cloning eth-infinitism/bundler-spec-tests

Follow the instruction in eth-infinitism/bundler-spec-tests to install dependencies and run the test