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CANDIDE Wallet contracts are based on Safe's, thus it supports the same modular architecture. Modules add additional functionalities to an Account. They are smart contracts separated from the Account core contract. Adding a module requires confirmation from the owner of the Account. Modules are very security-critical, so they need to be as secure as all other contracts. Events are emitted whenever a module is added or removed and also whenever a module transaction was successful or failed.

Creating a Module

As a developer, you can create an interface for your module so that CANDIDE users can add and manage their applications through your frontend. CANDIDE allows users to add and remove modules from its mobile app. Here are a few use cases:

  • Recurring Transfers: Sending payments that are performed on a recurring set date. For example as a subscription service
  • Inheritance Module: A way for Account Owners to transfer ownership of their account to a different owner after a long period

Currently Supported in Mobile App

Account Recovery: CANDIDE Wallet supports a native integration of an Account Module in the mobile client app. This allows owners of the account to recover it in case they lose access to their mobile phone, or simply delete the mobile app. Learn more about CANDIDE Recovery module in this guide.

This is just a short example list of possible modules, and one can think of many other modules that could be beneficial to users of CANDIDE Wallet. Find examples of modules that the Safe team built here