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Batched Transactions

Contract-based accounts have several advantages, including batched transactions. It allows users of the wallet to perform multiple transactions in one single on-chain transaction. This allows for an enhanced user experience.

Example: no need to call both approve and transferFrom on an ERC20 token in two separate transactions.

Contract-based accounts that implement batched transactions can do so in a way that requires no changes to the contracts they interact with. In its simplest form, a batched transaction implementation is an array of UserOperation that gets signed by the wallet owner.

CANDIDE mobile wallet uses bundled transactions by integrating with Uniswap inside its application. Users can swap ERC-20 tokens in a single tap, without the need to call both approve and transferFrom in two separate transactions.

Bundled transactions in CANDIDE wallet are atomic by default. Take our previous example: If transferFrom failed, while approve succeeded, the approval does not revert. Atomic transactions allow reverting UserOpeartions if a single one of them failed. That doesn't leave any open ERC-20 approval on contract interactions and a safer Dapp experience.