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Setup an Account Recovery Contact

An account recovery contact can help make sure that you always have access to your account, even if you forgot your password or lose your phone.

Majority Needed

You can add as many recovery contacts as you want. You will need the approval of the majority of your contacts to recover your account. For example: if you have 4 guardians, you will need the approval of 3 of them.

What is a Recovery Contact?

An account recovery contact is a person or a device who/which can verify your identity and help you regain access to your account if you ever get locked out.

Setting up a recovery contact is required, as it makes regaining access to your account possible. You cannot regain access to your account with the same password if you delete the mobile app, or on a different device.

Who can be your recovery contact?

Anyone with an Ethereum Wallet on the same network as your account can be a recovery contact. CANDIDE recommends adding at least 3 recovery contacts from different backgrounds to secure an account from loss.

Same Network

Verify that your recovery contract wallet have access to Optimism.

For example: Do not add Argent Wallet as a recovery contact for your CANDIDE Account because Argent is not available on Optimism.

Family and Friends

Your recovery contact should be a person that you know and trust, like a family member or a close friend. You can choose any of your contacts with an Ethereum wallet.

A hardware wallet

You can use your hardware wallet to add yourself as a recovery contact to your account

Private by Design

Keep your recovery contacts private. Add fresh addresses with no transaction history when adding a recovery contact.

To protect your privacy, CANDIDE mobile app doesn't know who your recovery contacts are, so you need to remember them.

How to set up an account Recovery Contact

  1. Go to the Security Tab, then tap Add a Guardian
  2. Select the type of Guardian you want to add
    • Family and Friends: add their address and an optional nickname that is stored privately on your phone
    • Hardware Wallet: add your hardware wallet with an optional nickname to it
  3. Confirm the transaction

How to recover your Account

If you forget your password or lose your phone, just download the mobile app and follow the steps by tapping "I already have an account". Share the onscreen instructions with your recovery contact in person or on the phone. Your recovery contact will head over to a security page to confirm an eight-character code that they enter on the web page. After the majority of your contacts sign their transactions, you will regain access to your account. Here's the full guide.

How to remove a Recovery Contact

  1. Go to the Security Tab on your app
  2. Tap on the recovery contact you want to remove
  3. Tap on Remove Button and confirm the transaction