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Help Recover an Account

As a recovery contact, you can help a trusted friend or family member regain access to their account if they're ever locked out. Learn what to do if they need your help and how to accept or decline the request.

This guide also applies if you have set up yourself as a recovery contact with a different wallet or a hardware wallet.

Things to Remember

As someone’s account recovery contact, you won't have any access to their account, only the ability to help them recover their account upon request. You should only do so directly to your friend or family member. If anyone else contacts you requesting a signature, do not provide it.

How to help your contact regain access to their account

If your friend or family member is locked out of their account, they'll reach out to you on the phone or in person. You can follow the steps below to approve their recovery process. Your contact should have communicated with you their public address, an emoji set and the security website link.

Using another CANDIDE Wallet, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger, etc..

  1. Head to
  2. Tap ‘Connect wallet’ and Choose your wallet
  3. You will see one or several recovery requests. Sign the one that matches the emojis shown on your contact screen
  4. If the minimum threshold of recovery has been reached with your signature, you can submit it directly
    • If you would like to only sign and let someone else submit the tx, you can untoggle the execute button
  5. Once the recovery process starts, a delay of 3 days is needed before the owner can regain access to his account

To keep the last recovery contact private, ask them to only sign the transaction by untoggling the execute button. Use any other wallet to then submit the recovery transaction.

When the waiting period is over, your contact will recover their account